Creative Director

Our Founder and CEO, Marsha Chin-Glover has been affiliated with major US retailers such as a Neiman Marcus, where she worked as part of their Executive Team at the Atlanta Location. She also started her own clothing line ”Newde” with a style emphasis on intimate and leisure wear. She now wants to bring her style aesthetics to her native country, Jamaica where She attributes her appreciation for energetic, classic and timeless pieces. Elmozene boutique will offer timeless pieces that makes a statement not just a trend.

Our Story

Elmozene is a luxury boutique founded on the principle that fashion and accessories should be a statement and not a trend. Luxury is defined as the state of great comfort and extravagant living. Such a comfort is not achieved fasts it's curated. Our brand Elmozene seeks to provide goods that are expressive and make a statement without saying a word. Our selections are cultivated and repurposed for our very discerning customers in addition to supporting sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint.

Our Mission


Our goal is to redefine fashion as a statement and not as a trend. We believe fashion such as art should be curated and is an expression of life. We are a lifestyle brand with aspirations of sustainability to lessen the carbon foot print.